Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011

Powerful Boost Sex Morning Sex Passion

bored having sex at night? You try to find another time that is no less exciting and awesome to give sexual pleasure. Copulate in the morning, for example.

Apparently, morning sex is very powerful to excite couples. Especially for those who would start the routine work. The reason, sex is like a sport that can release toxins in the body.

In order for intercourse to give incredible pleasure, you can practice different strategies than normal sex. Review that was launched following the Women's Health, could reinforce the reason why the morning sex should be used as the opening menu of your day.

Increase sexual desire

According to scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, musky smell of male underarm proven to increase libido in women. So when you wake up in the morning, immediately grab your partner and enjoy the fragrance of her body that is still natural. And be prepared to begin the struggle.

Enjoy natural scenery

The most important part that makes intercourse very well done in the morning where the weather was already getting light. So it is very difficult to hide what is your weaknesses.

So, do not let the discomfort you feel stole all couples libido. Use the smart way to get around your weaknesses. Use a blanket to make a visual sensation will soon be able to you and your partner enjoy.

A study held by Emory University found that women are visually stimulated during sex, as well as men.

Touch each other in the bath

Raise the temperature of warm water will make the blood reaches the skin surface. This makes the skin more receptive to touch and stimulation. The investigation conducted Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia say that soap that smells of mint will awaken and lead to nerve, so that the body is more relaxed and ready to receive the attack of the couple quickie.

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