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How to Prevent and Cure Asthma

Asthma is a hereditary disease. If parents or grandparents asthma, chances are someone may have asthma. Asthma symptoms are difficulty breathing to sound (wheezing / asthma) because of narrowing due to respiratory tract mucus is caused by allergies.

About 7% of world population (300 million) suffer from asthma. In the U.S., 4,000 people died each year because of asthma.
Asthma is a chronic disease / chronic. According to modern medical science can not be cured. But the symptoms can be reduced.

Asthma sufferers should avoid factors that can cause allergic asthma such as dust, kapok, powder, cold air, and so on. Laugh or excessive anxiety should also be avoided. Allergic factors may be different for each person.

The author himself since the second grade elementary school to 6th grade disease is sufficiently severe asthma. Almost every month back and forth to the internist Dr. Pradono in Kampung Melayu numbers. Never even feel the injections 2 times a week for 6 months to heal asthma. Vicks Inhaler used to be a loyal friend. But thank God since junior high, Asthma disease is virtually almost no attack again. What's the secret? I'll describe here.

One time in 6th grade when a friend took the morning run. Somehow, I became addicted to jog almost every day so far about 4 km with about 30 minutes. When run, the breath is set. Inhale slowly, then release it slowly. Running speed is not too tight because it will lead you quickly cape. If you are tired, walk for 2-5 minutes.
If you have not been exercising, start gradually so as not to shock / fatigue. Do not jog straight 3 km. But just start with 200 yards. The new next day plus 100 meters, and so on. Start by heating about 5 minutes walk, the new morning run. If you lift the iron, too. Although you are able to lift 30 pounds, start with 20% before the 6 kg with 10 repetitions 3-5 sets x and the number x. Then gradually increase as much as 2 kg.

Thank God because it is often a morning run, the lungs eventually became strong. While in junior high long-distance race held every month, I used to be a champion to 2 (since his first champion's sports mania ..:). One when I check again to Dr. Pradono with the results of the latest rontgent, Dr. Pradono surprised at how images of my lungs had a lot of flex it, now so clean.

Indeed, people often assume that people with asthma should not be tired. This is half true. Usually that makes asthma relapse it is a movement with the breath that does not irregular like to play, work hard, sprinting, soccer, and so on.
But if his breathing regulated like a long breath and then release it until they run out rhythmically like to jog, swim, or even weight lifting, that's just the lungs makes us stronger. There is even a world champion pool which was a former asthma sufferer. In addition to a morning run, you can also try sports pool. Sports weightlifting / fitness is also not a problem. I routinely do it 2-3 times a week.

Since diligent jog until now virtually I almost never got asthma again. In order not to actually gain pain when exercising, it helps you to practice by wearing a sports coach at the club such as Asthma, Pool Club, or Fitness Center.

In addition to exercise, you should also know the substances that can cause allergies so that your nose is so runny that eventually spread to your throat. I tried to avoid dust, powder, and also cotton. For that pillows and bedding I use foam / dacron.

Cold air can also cause asthma. To fix this, I usually exercise. But if you are so little, can be smeared Vicks balm or Transbulmin. Give him a thick clothing / blankets. Avoid damp areas. When cold, turn off air conditioners, if necessary air vents partially closed. If still cold can also use 100-watt incandescent bulb so that the space is warm.

I've also been treated to expert gurah towers Gurah in Tanah Abang. Praise for 1 hour mucus flowing from the mouth and nose even though I do not have a cold. It's green and brown. The next day, my breath was so relieved and airy.

Now, at most, I just had the flu or a cold which I treated with medication alone Dexamethazone (3 × 1/hari) and Amoxycillin (3 x 1 / 2 tablets / day). To expectorant (menstruum sputum) could use the drug Molapect syrup. But the use of these drugs should be carefully and performed if necessary just because of the side effects too dangerous.

Try drinking honey and oil Sauda Black stamina every day so you become stronger. If you are a strong stomach, you can drink hot coffee. We recommend that you boil the coffee. Not brewed with hot water. Better yet, drink Kopi Radix (coffee mixed with herbs such as Earth Stake, Noni, etc.) making it safer even though it costs 4x as much the price of regular coffee. Try to drink in the morning and evening.


Which is also designated as the best swimmer is Yulianti Sari Saad, 14 years, the KU II. Princess 3rd Ir. Saad is just sitting in class II SMP Negeri 40 Jakarta, these surpass the record 200 m breaststroke on behalf of Anita Saparjiman that has lasted 7 years. 2:54,17 his time, was the old record of 2:56,28. He also subvert the 100 m breaststroke in his own name. 1:2092 improved the old record into 1:20,53.

Swimming is a sport only for Sari. Age 4 years he entered the club Tirta Kencana Jakarta. That, too, not as a hobby. His sister, Fifi, who was 6 years old asthmatic. By the doctor recommended swimming to his asthma did not recur. Since then, the daughter of the family are invited to pool all of Saad. Prominent was Sari.

Swimming, from Sports By Therapy

Some other parents, send their children to the pool as therapy for asthma suffered by the baby. For this asthma therapy, dr. Ina Rosalina, Sp.A.K. , M. H. Kes. asserted, swimming can indeed help sufferers but not treating. "More to help prevent asthma relapse," said Ina.

According to Ina, because the immune system increases, the likelihood of relapse of asthma is reduced. "Swimming is great for asthmatics, because it can strengthen the muscles of the respiratory organs are the lungs," said Ina.

Asthma, multiple fault assumption

After joining the club Asthma and frequent discussions with the doctors at the club Asthma Friendship Hospital, there are some who changed my attitude in life with asthma.

I myself have an asthma attack started a junior high class. When forming units in the school band drum, drum band coach prohibit students with certain diseases to take exercise. Among asthma. I purposely did not confess asthma when registering. In part precisely because of the desire to prove that asthma sufferers unable to move the weight. My career drum band proved that even when handling the most big bass drum with attractions such heavy activity I have never experienced an asthma attack.

Did you know that actor Johnny Weismuller's Tarzan (classic version) and Jungle Jim's former Olympic swimming champion is asthmatic. Olympic swimming champion as well as other American, Mark Spitz. Or woman (I forget his name) record holder for altitude Himalayan mountaineering from Indonesia. Or pack Basofi Sudirman After graduating academy ever deployed in the jungles of Papua. In conclusion, provided tips to know and implement management control, people with asthma should not be afraid to heavy physical activity.

Jessica Double Achievement in Swimming Pool
Perseverance Jessica P. Laurens 'water play' in the pool was not only succeeded in eliminating the asthma she had suffered, but also leads to achievement. A number of gold medals in various swimming championships he achieved admirably. All of that, making the couple's daughter Laurens and Mary Suryanto Jemmy is further accelerated carve another achievement for the sake of achievement.

''At first I had no desire to be a swimmer. At that time I suffered from asthma, and friends suggested that participate pool exercises to cure the disease that I suffered. And it proved. Within two years, my asthma is gone,''said flawless in this sweet virgin.

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