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Breast Cancer

ddBreast cancer is a disease where there is excessive growth or uncontrolled growth of cells (tissue) breast, This can happen to women and men. From all over the world, penyakir breast cancer (Breast Cancer / Carcinoma mammae) reported as one cause of cancer death number five (5) after; kaker lung, uterus cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer.
# Cause Breast Cancer
Breast cancer disease spelled the most common cancer diseases strike women, though men also have the possibility of having this disease with a ratio of 1 in 1000. It is not yet known exactly what causes this cancer occurs, but several factors likely are:
1. Age, disease increases breast cancer in the teenage years and upwards.
2. Genetic, There are two types of genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) that Sagat may be a risk. If the mother or female relatives of breast cancer, then you likely have an increased risk of breast cancer two-fold compared to the other women in her family there was no single patient.
3. The use of drugs, for example a woman who uses hormone replacement therapy drugs {hormone replacement therapy (HRT)} as exogenous hormones would cause increased risk of getting breast cancer.
4. Other factors are suspected as the cause of breast cancer are: unmarried, married but no children, gave birth to her first child after age 35, never breastfed children.
Some studies reveal that breast cancer is increased in people who often face stressful conditions (shaking the soul) and also for women who previously experienced a period under the age of 11 years.
# Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer
For those of you who feel any strange lumps around the breast tissue or even one of your breasts look bigger, better consult a doctor quickly. These lumps are usually painless, ranging from the small size that became large and palpable as attached to the skin. Some cases of breast skin changes around the lump or change in the nipple.

When the lump started to grow, then cause pain (pain) when pressed. If you feel pain in the breast and nipple that does not go away, you should immediately consult a medical. The nipple into the contract, which was pink and finally become brown and even the existence of edema (swelling) around the nipple is one strong sign of breast cancer. Another thing is the frequent discharge from the nipple when not nursing your baby.
# Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer can be known with certainty by taking tissue samples of breast cells that have pembenjolan (action biopsy). This way it will know the type of cell growth is experienced, whether the tumor is benign or malignant tumor (cancer).
# Type Breast Cancer
Through the examination of the call with mammograms, the type of breast cancer can be categorized into two parts, namely:

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1. Non-invasive breast cancer, cancer that occurs in the bag (tube) milk {liaison between the alveoli (milk producing glands) and nipples}. In the language of medicine called 'ductal carcinoma in situ "(DCIS), which is where the cancer has not spread to the outside of the network of milk bag.
2. Invasive breast cancer, cancer that has spread beyond the milk bag and invade the surrounding tissue may even lead to the spread (metastasis) such other body gets lympa and other glands through the bloodstream.
# Handling and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Handling and treatment of breast cancer depends on the type and stage experienced by patients. Generally, a person only known disease of breast cancer after stepping up a fairly severe stadium, this is due to a lack of knowledge or a sense of shame so too late for medicine was examined for abnormalities that it faces.
1. Surgery, the breast cancer is known from an early age then surgery is the appropriate action. The doctor will remove the lump and a small area surrounding the then replace it with another muscle tissue (lumpectomy). Broadly speaking, there are 3 surgery or breast cancer surgery including;
- Radical Mastectomy, the surgical removal of part of the breast (lumpectomy). This operation is always followed by the provision of radiotherapy. Lumpectomy is usually recommended in patients with large tumors less than 2 cm and located at the edge of the breast. - Total Mastectomy, the surgical removal of the entire breast, but not the glands in the armpit. - Modified Radical Mastectomy, the surgical removal of the entire breast, breast tissue in the sternum, collarbone and ribs, and lump around the armpit.
2. Radiotherapy (Radiation / radiation), ie the process of irradiation on the area affected by cancer by using X-rays and gamma rays are aimed at killing any remaining cancer cells in the breast after surgery. This action has the effect of unfavorable as the body becomes weak, poor appetite, skin color around the breast to be black, as well as hemoglobin and leukocytes tended to decline as a result of radiation.
3. Hormone Therapy, This is known as 'anti-estrogen therapy' that the system works to block the ability of the hormone estrogen in stimulating breast cancer development.
4. Chemotherapy, This is the process of providing anti-cancer drugs in pill or capsule or liquid through the infusion aimed at killing cancer cells. The system is expected to reach the target in the treatment of cancer that may have spread other body gets. The impact of the patients experienced kemoterapy nausea and vomiting and hair loss due to the influence of drugs given during chemotherapy.
5. Herceptin treatment is biological therapy is known to be effective against HER2-positive in women with breast cancer stage II, III and IV by the deployment cancernya cells.
# Prevention of Breast Cancer
For those of you who feel there are things that look different in the breast, get it checked out to a doctor not to be late. For example the next enlargement, the surrounding breast lump, pain constantly on the nipple and so on as in the description of signs and symptoms of breast above.
Other actions you can do is to avoid obesity, Eat less fat, Try to consume lots of foods containing vitamins A and C, do not eat too many salted and smoked foods, exercise regularly, and breast check-ups since the age of 30 years regularly .

Xamthone cancer herbal remedy made from a whole plus the mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) Roselle Flowers, apples, grapes. Recent studies show that mangosteen contains powerful antioxidants that xanthone, exceeding several times the power of vitamins C and E.
Journal of pharmacology, publish that xamthone cancer herbal medicine plus having an anti-cancer effects such as breast cancer, blood cancer (leukeumia) and liver cancer. In addition, herbal medicines plus xamthone cancer has many health benefits such as address cardiovascular health, especially heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension and platelets. xamthone cancer herbal medicine plus also widens blood vessels and blood circulation memeperlancar. mangosteen is also rich in potassium minerals that helps metabolize energy. Efficacy of herbal medicines plus xamthone cancer is not just an antioxidant, but also as the result of research anticancer Moongkarndi. Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University researchers tested the herbal remedies with cancer in preclinical research aka SKBR3 human breast cancer cell cultures. The result? Mangosteen peel extract is a powerful antiproliferasi to inhibit cancer cell growth. In addition it extracts it is also apoptosis or support the destruction of cancer cells.
Chi Kuan Ho of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital revealed that the herbal medicine plus a panacea to overcome cancer cell xamthone HCCs hepatocellular carcinomas or liver cancer. Xanthone derivative was Garcinone E. We suggest that Garcinone E may potentially be used in the treatment of some types of cancer associated with gastrointestinal and lung. Functions of herbal medicines plus xamthone cancer is through the whole body, neutralizing free radicals, so that our body becomes cleaner and healthier than ever before. xamthone cancer herbal medicine plus leather as mangosteen has anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, lowering cholesterol, Antiviral, anticendawan, antiparasitic, anti-allergic, Helps lower blood pressure, keep still excellent stamina, help you lose weight, maintain immune to disease, protect the liver, Combating diarrhea, Analgesics, Anti-Parkinson, Anti-Alzheime, preventing depression, Lowers fever.
A study in Singapore showed that the antioxidant properties of the mangosteen fruit is much more effective when compared with antioxidants on rambutan and durian. Xanthones are not found in other fruits except the mangosteen fruit, mangosteen in the world because it is given the nickname "Queen of Fruit" or The Queen of Fruits. From various studies herbal cancer drug content xamthone plus effective against breast cancer in vitro, and vascular medicine. Efficacy garcinone E (devirat xanthone) is far more effective to inhibit cancer when compared with cancer drugs such as flaraucil, cisplatin, vincristin, metohotrexete, and mitoxiantrone. So entrust your healing on cancer drugs xamthone Plus.

Curing Cancer

Cancer, we have often heard the disease was named as one of the major diseases 'deadly'. Of course, we mean here not just cancer that is often spoofed into 'dry bag'. If it does, the medicine can be searched with sweat.
Actually what is it cancer? Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of body tissue cells are not normal, so it turns into cancer cells. Furthermore, these cancer cells can grow / spread to other body parts, so when it is severe can cause death. Most people assume that cancer is just the tumor. Though the tumor is any abnormal lumps or abnormal in the body that is not inflammatory. While cancer is a malignant tumor.
This severe disease can have on people in all age groups, men and women. Cancer can also occur in any part of the body. In Indonesia, some types of cancer ever discovered is on the cervix, breast, liver, lungs, skin, nasoparing, lymph nodes, blood cancers, the colon, and others. For cervical and breast cancer, suffered by many women.
Normally when cancer has not spread and damage the surrounding tissue, the patient does not feel any symptoms or complaints. Therefore, many people who already have cancer, but did not realize. They realized if exposed to the disease, if there are symptoms and complaints, or when the disease has begun to develop. Not a few people who checked into the hospital after a severe illness.
Cancer Deadly Diseases
World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, each year the world of cancer patients increased 6.25 million people. In the next 10 years an estimated 9 million people die each year from cancer. Two-thirds of cancer in the world are in developing countries. In Indonesia alone, the death rate from this disease tend to increase. According to the data each year, from 100 thousand inhabitants, found 100 new cancer patients.
WHO also stated that a third to half of cancers could be prevented. A third can be cured if found and treated at an early stage / early stage. The rest can only be alleviated suffering. Therefore, prevention of cancer and found it at an early stage is very important. Prevention efforts can liberate people from cancer. While knowing the disease in its early stages will offset the cost of treatment is relatively expensive.
Why Cancer Rising
Lifestyle of modern society that tends to consumer, is closely associated with the onset of various diseases are not caused by infection. That is a disease caused cell growth slowdown (degenerative diseases), such as heart disease and cancer.
Most modern society today many who like to consume foods high in fat content, and consume less natural fibers. This can be evidenced by the widespread and best-selling variety of restaurants serving foreign-style fast food. The habit of eating preserved foods can also trigger cancer. Likewise, drinking alcohol and smoking habits.
How to Prevent Cancer
However, it is better to prevent than cure. Preventing the cancer can be done by reducing the consumption of fatty foods / high in cholesterol, and increase consumption of fiber and colorful vegetables. Butter also stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. Stay away from adultery / promiscuity, to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. But not good for health, three things are also something to be shunned by the Islamic teachings. In addition, try to live balanced, orderly and avoid stress. It may work hard but also have enough rest. If you need to check your health regularly and orderly.
Wary Cancer Symptoms
If in your body there is a lump or abnormality, it should really pay attention as cancer, although not disturbing. You also need to be vigilant for any changes or disturbances in bowel habits or minor. Similarly, if the digestion disturbed and difficult swallowing, and hoarseness and cough does not heal. Moles / andeng-andeng changing its nature, becomes increasingly larger and change color, also should be aware. Similarly, if there is an abnormal blood or lenders out of the body, and ulcers / sores do not heal old. Some of these are early symptoms of cancer. When you experience it you should consult a doctor to make sure it is cancer or not.
For liver cancer, you need to be vigilant when suddenly his face became pale yellow, knotted stomach, heartburn felt tight, and the urine was yellow. At the next level decreased appetite, and sleep did not taste good.
Treating Cancer
Disease burden of cancer often causes a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual for people. This is because a very high medical costs, long treatment times, a sense vemas and physical suffering is quite heavy.
To cure the illness, cancer patients can choose the way of medical treatment-conventional or alternative (non-magic / shaman). According to Drs. Koosnadi Saputra dr. Pulitbang Yantekkes Sp.R from MOH, to seek conventional treatment with surgery untukmembuang tumor to kill cancer cells with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or wear to destroy cancer cells. While alternative medicine is based on the paradigm of Eastern medicine, has the general objective to increase the immune system, inhibit cancer growth, reducing pain and improving the body's main functions.
Still according to Koosnadi, alternative treatments are safe, useful, logical thinking medicine, easy in implementation and in-depth research based, so-called biological therapy for cancer.

How to treat diseases naturally tuk Types

The word 'Typhoid', 'typhoid', or 'typhoid' is often mentioned when a person experiences of hospitalization due to pain in the abdomen accompanied by high fever. Actually, it is the wrong word, because the real typhus is caused by rickettsial bacteria, while very many people are attacking typhoid disease (the suffix-oid means "similar"). Typhoid is caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi, with common symptoms of high fever & abdominal pain.
Typhoid is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi, which enter the body through the mouth & digestive tract. Feces & urine of carriers of Salmonella typhi bacteria can contaminate food & beverage due to the lack of discipline to wash hands with soap after defecation & small, so that the hand which contain the bacteria Salmonella typhi contaminate food, beverages, & cutlery. Flies also helped spread the bacteria Salmonella typhi from the feces containing Salmonella typhi into the food flies. Urine & feces can also contaminate groundwater used for drinking or cooking water source. This is important for the cooking / processing of water well before use for drinking or cooking.
Once someone is infected with Salmonella typhi, will gradually emerge from typhoid symptoms such as high fever, pain in stomach, decreased appetite, headache, joint pain, sore throat, & difficult bowel movements or diarrhea. In Salmonella typhi infection that has spread beyond the gastrointestinal tract, can occur a variety of other symptoms such as loss of consciousness, pneumonia, heart & kidney disorders, meningitis, etc.. Typhoid is a disease that can cause death if not treated appropriately.

How to treat diseases naturally tuk Types:
~ Ginger boiled SAME SUGAR CUBE and drink the water
~ Drink plenty of water
~ Eat a balanced diet nutrition
~ Fizzy drinks


How to Prevent and Cure Asthma

Asthma is a hereditary disease. If parents or grandparents asthma, chances are someone may have asthma. Asthma symptoms are difficulty breathing to sound (wheezing / asthma) because of narrowing due to respiratory tract mucus is caused by allergies.

About 7% of world population (300 million) suffer from asthma. In the U.S., 4,000 people died each year because of asthma.
Asthma is a chronic disease / chronic. According to modern medical science can not be cured. But the symptoms can be reduced.

Asthma sufferers should avoid factors that can cause allergic asthma such as dust, kapok, powder, cold air, and so on. Laugh or excessive anxiety should also be avoided. Allergic factors may be different for each person.

The author himself since the second grade elementary school to 6th grade disease is sufficiently severe asthma. Almost every month back and forth to the internist Dr. Pradono in Kampung Melayu numbers. Never even feel the injections 2 times a week for 6 months to heal asthma. Vicks Inhaler used to be a loyal friend. But thank God since junior high, Asthma disease is virtually almost no attack again. What's the secret? I'll describe here.

One time in 6th grade when a friend took the morning run. Somehow, I became addicted to jog almost every day so far about 4 km with about 30 minutes. When run, the breath is set. Inhale slowly, then release it slowly. Running speed is not too tight because it will lead you quickly cape. If you are tired, walk for 2-5 minutes.
If you have not been exercising, start gradually so as not to shock / fatigue. Do not jog straight 3 km. But just start with 200 yards. The new next day plus 100 meters, and so on. Start by heating about 5 minutes walk, the new morning run. If you lift the iron, too. Although you are able to lift 30 pounds, start with 20% before the 6 kg with 10 repetitions 3-5 sets x and the number x. Then gradually increase as much as 2 kg.

Thank God because it is often a morning run, the lungs eventually became strong. While in junior high long-distance race held every month, I used to be a champion to 2 (since his first champion's sports mania ..:). One when I check again to Dr. Pradono with the results of the latest rontgent, Dr. Pradono surprised at how images of my lungs had a lot of flex it, now so clean.

Indeed, people often assume that people with asthma should not be tired. This is half true. Usually that makes asthma relapse it is a movement with the breath that does not irregular like to play, work hard, sprinting, soccer, and so on.
But if his breathing regulated like a long breath and then release it until they run out rhythmically like to jog, swim, or even weight lifting, that's just the lungs makes us stronger. There is even a world champion pool which was a former asthma sufferer. In addition to a morning run, you can also try sports pool. Sports weightlifting / fitness is also not a problem. I routinely do it 2-3 times a week.

Since diligent jog until now virtually I almost never got asthma again. In order not to actually gain pain when exercising, it helps you to practice by wearing a sports coach at the club such as Asthma, Pool Club, or Fitness Center.

In addition to exercise, you should also know the substances that can cause allergies so that your nose is so runny that eventually spread to your throat. I tried to avoid dust, powder, and also cotton. For that pillows and bedding I use foam / dacron.

Cold air can also cause asthma. To fix this, I usually exercise. But if you are so little, can be smeared Vicks balm or Transbulmin. Give him a thick clothing / blankets. Avoid damp areas. When cold, turn off air conditioners, if necessary air vents partially closed. If still cold can also use 100-watt incandescent bulb so that the space is warm.

I've also been treated to expert gurah towers Gurah in Tanah Abang. Praise for 1 hour mucus flowing from the mouth and nose even though I do not have a cold. It's green and brown. The next day, my breath was so relieved and airy.

Now, at most, I just had the flu or a cold which I treated with medication alone Dexamethazone (3 × 1/hari) and Amoxycillin (3 x 1 / 2 tablets / day). To expectorant (menstruum sputum) could use the drug Molapect syrup. But the use of these drugs should be carefully and performed if necessary just because of the side effects too dangerous.

Try drinking honey and oil Sauda Black stamina every day so you become stronger. If you are a strong stomach, you can drink hot coffee. We recommend that you boil the coffee. Not brewed with hot water. Better yet, drink Kopi Radix (coffee mixed with herbs such as Earth Stake, Noni, etc.) making it safer even though it costs 4x as much the price of regular coffee. Try to drink in the morning and evening.


Which is also designated as the best swimmer is Yulianti Sari Saad, 14 years, the KU II. Princess 3rd Ir. Saad is just sitting in class II SMP Negeri 40 Jakarta, these surpass the record 200 m breaststroke on behalf of Anita Saparjiman that has lasted 7 years. 2:54,17 his time, was the old record of 2:56,28. He also subvert the 100 m breaststroke in his own name. 1:2092 improved the old record into 1:20,53.

Swimming is a sport only for Sari. Age 4 years he entered the club Tirta Kencana Jakarta. That, too, not as a hobby. His sister, Fifi, who was 6 years old asthmatic. By the doctor recommended swimming to his asthma did not recur. Since then, the daughter of the family are invited to pool all of Saad. Prominent was Sari.

Swimming, from Sports By Therapy

Some other parents, send their children to the pool as therapy for asthma suffered by the baby. For this asthma therapy, dr. Ina Rosalina, Sp.A.K. , M. H. Kes. asserted, swimming can indeed help sufferers but not treating. "More to help prevent asthma relapse," said Ina.

According to Ina, because the immune system increases, the likelihood of relapse of asthma is reduced. "Swimming is great for asthmatics, because it can strengthen the muscles of the respiratory organs are the lungs," said Ina.

Asthma, multiple fault assumption

After joining the club Asthma and frequent discussions with the doctors at the club Asthma Friendship Hospital, there are some who changed my attitude in life with asthma.

I myself have an asthma attack started a junior high class. When forming units in the school band drum, drum band coach prohibit students with certain diseases to take exercise. Among asthma. I purposely did not confess asthma when registering. In part precisely because of the desire to prove that asthma sufferers unable to move the weight. My career drum band proved that even when handling the most big bass drum with attractions such heavy activity I have never experienced an asthma attack.

Did you know that actor Johnny Weismuller's Tarzan (classic version) and Jungle Jim's former Olympic swimming champion is asthmatic. Olympic swimming champion as well as other American, Mark Spitz. Or woman (I forget his name) record holder for altitude Himalayan mountaineering from Indonesia. Or pack Basofi Sudirman After graduating academy ever deployed in the jungles of Papua. In conclusion, provided tips to know and implement management control, people with asthma should not be afraid to heavy physical activity.

Jessica Double Achievement in Swimming Pool
Perseverance Jessica P. Laurens 'water play' in the pool was not only succeeded in eliminating the asthma she had suffered, but also leads to achievement. A number of gold medals in various swimming championships he achieved admirably. All of that, making the couple's daughter Laurens and Mary Suryanto Jemmy is further accelerated carve another achievement for the sake of achievement.

''At first I had no desire to be a swimmer. At that time I suffered from asthma, and friends suggested that participate pool exercises to cure the disease that I suffered. And it proved. Within two years, my asthma is gone,''said flawless in this sweet virgin.

IN general, women are reluctant to use sex toys with a variety of reasons. In fact, if used appropriately, sex toys can make the vagina more healthy.

Sex toys consist of various types, such as ring-shaped vibrators, lubricants and dildos. Not surprisingly, the end sex toys have become mandatory items the couple because it can help to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Here are interesting facts about sex toys you need to know, as quoted by Cosmopolitan, Saturday (29/01/2011).

Initially, the vibrator was created to treat women suffering from insanity

Initially, electric vibrators vibrator shaped weighing 18 kg, and requires two people to operate them. Used first by a British doctor to treat the madness of the woman. Doctors use a giant vibrator is to make patients achieve orgasm. Fortunately, several years after that, the smaller-sized vibrator has been found.

Fans of the more sex toys

Sales of sex toys fairly stable, even increased by 17 percent in 2009, according to online sex toys distributor Adam & Eve. Meanwhile, for the sale of the Trojan Vibrating Mini Massager, has increased by 20 percent. It is natural that sex toys The Rabbit finally appeared in an episode of TV series 'Sex and the City'. Based on a study of the use of vibrators in the U.S. recently, discovered an interesting fact one of two women using it.

Favorite gifts for Valentine's Day celebration

Based on an online sex toy sales, Babeland, every February sales rose sharply. This is because one in five people plan to use it at night and Valentine's Day with your partner.

Miss V Healthier

Orgasm regularly able to make someone live longer. A study in 2009 found that the use of a vibrator capable of making more healthy vagina. The reason is, women vibrator users generally feel more comfortable letting a doctor examine their vagina, and she will re-examination of Miss V on the following month.

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Body and Mind Live Sehatkan Fasting

FOR Muslims, fasting is a month-long believed to be fruitless sweet. Not only will get the reward, with fasting, God willing the body will be healthy. How do I live the fast to be healthy physically and spiritually?

1. Prepare mentally
To prepare yourself, do not forget to pray for strength during a fast.

Prepare the mind and the spirit of fasting. Think about the intent and purpose of fasting in the Quran so that we understand what will be gained from this effort.

2. Fasting for pregnant women
Call your doctor if the baby's movements change when fasting during pregnancy. The Baby Center website recommends that in pregnancy, especially when combined with works that are vulnerable to stress, it is recommended that mothers do not push yourself. If you experience dizziness, pain or blurred vision, immediately breaking then visit a doctor. Avoid excessive activity during fasting and extra rest to make things easier.

3. Prepare the body
Reduce intake of coffee a week before the fast to avoid the symptoms of addiction. Eat a balanced diet before fasting to prepare the body. Advised to eat foods high in carbohydrates before fasting because the substance is bound by water provides a source of energy for the body. Avoid drinks high in caffeine because it can cause headaches and nausea.

4. eating gradual
Breaking the fast with fruit juices followed by solid foods. Bebukalah with easily digestible foods such as fruits and sweet drinks warm. After Maghrib prayers interspersed, eat a balanced diet along with drinking plenty of water.

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Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that occurs neorologis early birth can be said with prenatal and natal problems prostatal problem or problems are often known also wilt wilt brain brains here can affect children's physical functional ability of the common problems walking / hearing impaired to see it all very affect the growth of later Usually the beginning of the treatment of cerebral palsy was sendini possible and usually the team doctor could know at the time the child was born, known as abgascor seen first inspection capability maturity functional activity of the child is checked there and then after he was born there then we develop abnormalities neorologis again to make his intervention Early there is no disruption in check until the first year if the child's good to be checked in two of his theory that says there is usually 0-1 years / there are 0-2 year period of growth up to that much can be said to have abnormalities in the dominant neorologis Common causes anounce that in theory there are several more due to the influence of foods such as fast food junk food problems because of alcohol following the example of mothers who still likes to drink he did not know she was pregnant Due to genetic factors or congenital problems kekeluarganya also checked but was very, very sensitive to important issues that caused it because of lack of nutrients in asup by his mother was the dominant one There are three factors that first problem of earing auditory and speech problems later fisual three things that typically influence Then puree experice or lack of experience and attitudes affect the pattern of her body so that he sat in a wheelchair or sit where he would not waste her good elaimen somehow skewed tilted either left to right now it is known to influence posero problem setting / usually seen from the ability of her body elaimennya This type of CP that some of them the first known with this type of problem tonsposeral spicicity or high or high muscle tone or harsh then that the two are hipotonus or the exhaustion of the three known with ataxia as well as hypo but tend to be better / is pure hipotonus The fourth athetoisis or known by athoitingtone / tonusnya up and down that eventually known as inflenteri movement so it moves when he sat down motion of all body

Body concept he should be good that he is standing with his foot took the object with his hand in response as early as possible All my life he has to do therapy Which is more dominant for physiotherapy is our own hands because here only the additional manual therapy so we do not have any tools can still do the therapy device to exercise sitting mat or ball physio ball for muscle strengthening exercises dudukUntuk balance or train paracucing protective action and reaction trus then exercise perception weigth or triangle to exercise proun bance or a table of high and low jettable match or known by bobak tables can go up and down culting table tool to train the perception stand in table exercises for perception.
For children to practice gross motor CP hydro therapy for the excess in the water / water because it's lighter / more comfortable and a lot of children prefer to exercise in the water in the appeal on the ground over rough / / if the water in the toy would have thought so much enjoy / is there for the other cases could be to train the behavior / if here his principal all cases of CP can be trained in water / / actually it's a lot of hydro therapy / her this kind of therapy or a therapy pool at the pool / / When children are here for all the important cases he could no problems / like epilepsy / seizures or frequent skin disease he / her principal all cases could be / / For his own practice in YPAC usually when we exercise between 20 to 30 minutes / exercise therapy that is different from usual 45 to 1 hour / / Hydro therapy is on hold by a motion fisiotheraphis he handles motor / gross motor / / The ultimate goal is the child of CP / CP, but the child was a lot of complications there are problems in the respiratory / so it can also improve her breathing pattern to be stronger / / Tools buoy / tire / but usually when the tire of the easiest stages / children who can not swim at all we used tires / / float left or right hand, we can use the four-four of them if he really could not move at all we use the four-four of them in the hands and feet / when he gets more confident in the tires more daring usually will be increased further to float in the hand can use one or two depending on the balance of the child / / if the child is usually a good balance we used one but for long off / / parallel bars to practice walking / sliding to help him go down or up / top down or bottom up / or for him walking exercise could be to him climbing or descending / us improve balance / / if he's here more active to move if there's help him up and down / there are also children of his road was better to increase the balance we tell her own way but it usually depends on our supervision because of slippery conditions / depends on the willingness of the child own / / Exercise remains a lifetime there are no variations in practice also limite-nya/untuk / type it is to upgrade / her goals for her term care maintenence / / could exercise more in YPAC or home / if the YPAC not there are different terms until the end to the case of autism / / if the case of autism if the behavior was either get out of here / / 

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Resistance to Antibiotics Threaten the World Health

The more people kebalnya to antibiotics is increasingly becoming a concern health experts around the world. They worry that in the next few years, our bodies may not be able to defend against some types of bacterial infections.
"If we do not raise awareness to the problem of antibiotic immunity, we may experience a situation where there is little or none at all how to deal with many infectious diseases," said Dr.. Thomas Frieden of the CDC.
People are increasingly resistant to antibiotic drugs. World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that and called the immunity as one of the biggest threats to human health.
Experts say if the problem was not resolved from now, infectious diseases that previously could be treated again with a more severe outbreak.
Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention USA (CDC) called on Congress to respond to the danger posed resistant microbes which could lead to ways of current treatment becomes ineffective. "If we do not raise awareness to the problem of antibiotic immunity, we may experience a situation where there is little or none at all how to deal with many infectious diseases," he said.
Experts fear the more antibiotics used, the less its efficacy. Bacterial genetic mutations that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics is a normal natural process. The process occurs more rapidly, due to excessive use of antibiotics.
Dr. Donald Poretz said that resistant bacteria may result in perebakan several types of malignancies. "Examples are urinary tract infections, skin and lungs," said Dr.. Poretz. "These bacteria cause a variety of different kinds of infection, because bacteria become increasingly resistant. Then, in a more dangerous diseases, like tuberculosis, which is found in many parts of the world, people are given a variety of antibiotics, but instead TB germs become resistant. "
Many drug companies, according to experts, reducing the production of antibiotics, so exacerbating the problem. The use of antibiotics that are less than the dose should result in bacteria that should be eradicated, remained alive and even become stronger.
Dr. Anthony Fauci of the Management Board of Allergy and Infectious Diseases America said many drug companies are only thinking about profits, and reduce or stop the production of antibiotics. "Drug companies tend to favor the production of drugs that takes a lot of people throughout their lives than drugs that only needed a small group of people only for 10 days to two weeks a year," said Fauci.
Experts say solving the problem lies in the effort to provide counseling to patients and physicians, in order to avoid using antibiotics unnecessarily.

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Powerful Boost Sex Morning Sex Passion

bored having sex at night? You try to find another time that is no less exciting and awesome to give sexual pleasure. Copulate in the morning, for example.

Apparently, morning sex is very powerful to excite couples. Especially for those who would start the routine work. The reason, sex is like a sport that can release toxins in the body.

In order for intercourse to give incredible pleasure, you can practice different strategies than normal sex. Review that was launched following the Women's Health, could reinforce the reason why the morning sex should be used as the opening menu of your day.

Increase sexual desire

According to scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, musky smell of male underarm proven to increase libido in women. So when you wake up in the morning, immediately grab your partner and enjoy the fragrance of her body that is still natural. And be prepared to begin the struggle.

Enjoy natural scenery

The most important part that makes intercourse very well done in the morning where the weather was already getting light. So it is very difficult to hide what is your weaknesses.

So, do not let the discomfort you feel stole all couples libido. Use the smart way to get around your weaknesses. Use a blanket to make a visual sensation will soon be able to you and your partner enjoy.

A study held by Emory University found that women are visually stimulated during sex, as well as men.

Touch each other in the bath

Raise the temperature of warm water will make the blood reaches the skin surface. This makes the skin more receptive to touch and stimulation. The investigation conducted Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia say that soap that smells of mint will awaken and lead to nerve, so that the body is more relaxed and ready to receive the attack of the couple quickie.