Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Body and Mind Live Sehatkan Fasting

FOR Muslims, fasting is a month-long believed to be fruitless sweet. Not only will get the reward, with fasting, God willing the body will be healthy. How do I live the fast to be healthy physically and spiritually?

1. Prepare mentally
To prepare yourself, do not forget to pray for strength during a fast.

Prepare the mind and the spirit of fasting. Think about the intent and purpose of fasting in the Quran so that we understand what will be gained from this effort.

2. Fasting for pregnant women
Call your doctor if the baby's movements change when fasting during pregnancy. The Baby Center website recommends that in pregnancy, especially when combined with works that are vulnerable to stress, it is recommended that mothers do not push yourself. If you experience dizziness, pain or blurred vision, immediately breaking then visit a doctor. Avoid excessive activity during fasting and extra rest to make things easier.

3. Prepare the body
Reduce intake of coffee a week before the fast to avoid the symptoms of addiction. Eat a balanced diet before fasting to prepare the body. Advised to eat foods high in carbohydrates before fasting because the substance is bound by water provides a source of energy for the body. Avoid drinks high in caffeine because it can cause headaches and nausea.

4. eating gradual
Breaking the fast with fruit juices followed by solid foods. Bebukalah with easily digestible foods such as fruits and sweet drinks warm. After Maghrib prayers interspersed, eat a balanced diet along with drinking plenty of water.

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