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Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that occurs neorologis early birth can be said with prenatal and natal problems prostatal problem or problems are often known also wilt wilt brain brains here can affect children's physical functional ability of the common problems walking / hearing impaired to see it all very affect the growth of later Usually the beginning of the treatment of cerebral palsy was sendini possible and usually the team doctor could know at the time the child was born, known as abgascor seen first inspection capability maturity functional activity of the child is checked there and then after he was born there then we develop abnormalities neorologis again to make his intervention Early there is no disruption in check until the first year if the child's good to be checked in two of his theory that says there is usually 0-1 years / there are 0-2 year period of growth up to that much can be said to have abnormalities in the dominant neorologis Common causes anounce that in theory there are several more due to the influence of foods such as fast food junk food problems because of alcohol following the example of mothers who still likes to drink he did not know she was pregnant Due to genetic factors or congenital problems kekeluarganya also checked but was very, very sensitive to important issues that caused it because of lack of nutrients in asup by his mother was the dominant one There are three factors that first problem of earing auditory and speech problems later fisual three things that typically influence Then puree experice or lack of experience and attitudes affect the pattern of her body so that he sat in a wheelchair or sit where he would not waste her good elaimen somehow skewed tilted either left to right now it is known to influence posero problem setting / usually seen from the ability of her body elaimennya This type of CP that some of them the first known with this type of problem tonsposeral spicicity or high or high muscle tone or harsh then that the two are hipotonus or the exhaustion of the three known with ataxia as well as hypo but tend to be better / is pure hipotonus The fourth athetoisis or known by athoitingtone / tonusnya up and down that eventually known as inflenteri movement so it moves when he sat down motion of all body

Body concept he should be good that he is standing with his foot took the object with his hand in response as early as possible All my life he has to do therapy Which is more dominant for physiotherapy is our own hands because here only the additional manual therapy so we do not have any tools can still do the therapy device to exercise sitting mat or ball physio ball for muscle strengthening exercises dudukUntuk balance or train paracucing protective action and reaction trus then exercise perception weigth or triangle to exercise proun bance or a table of high and low jettable match or known by bobak tables can go up and down culting table tool to train the perception stand in table exercises for perception.
For children to practice gross motor CP hydro therapy for the excess in the water / water because it's lighter / more comfortable and a lot of children prefer to exercise in the water in the appeal on the ground over rough / / if the water in the toy would have thought so much enjoy / is there for the other cases could be to train the behavior / if here his principal all cases of CP can be trained in water / / actually it's a lot of hydro therapy / her this kind of therapy or a therapy pool at the pool / / When children are here for all the important cases he could no problems / like epilepsy / seizures or frequent skin disease he / her principal all cases could be / / For his own practice in YPAC usually when we exercise between 20 to 30 minutes / exercise therapy that is different from usual 45 to 1 hour / / Hydro therapy is on hold by a motion fisiotheraphis he handles motor / gross motor / / The ultimate goal is the child of CP / CP, but the child was a lot of complications there are problems in the respiratory / so it can also improve her breathing pattern to be stronger / / Tools buoy / tire / but usually when the tire of the easiest stages / children who can not swim at all we used tires / / float left or right hand, we can use the four-four of them if he really could not move at all we use the four-four of them in the hands and feet / when he gets more confident in the tires more daring usually will be increased further to float in the hand can use one or two depending on the balance of the child / / if the child is usually a good balance we used one but for long off / / parallel bars to practice walking / sliding to help him go down or up / top down or bottom up / or for him walking exercise could be to him climbing or descending / us improve balance / / if he's here more active to move if there's help him up and down / there are also children of his road was better to increase the balance we tell her own way but it usually depends on our supervision because of slippery conditions / depends on the willingness of the child own / / Exercise remains a lifetime there are no variations in practice also limite-nya/untuk / type it is to upgrade / her goals for her term care maintenence / / could exercise more in YPAC or home / if the YPAC not there are different terms until the end to the case of autism / / if the case of autism if the behavior was either get out of here / / 

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